A unique texture and taste that melts in your mouth unlike raw sashimi

Luibbe Hokkaido

Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Ikameshi Hokkaido

Famous local dishes from Hakodate and Oshima regions. It is said that “ikameshi” was ...

Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a local dish that is representative of Hokkaido using mutton. Mutton ...

Hokkaido specialty “squid somen” Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty “squid somen”

“Squid somen” is to cut the true squid caught in Hakodate into thin pieces like somen...

Asahikawa ramen Hokkaido
Asahikawa ramen

Asahikawa Ramen, one of the three major ramen in Hokkaido, is a simple ramen called a...

Kushiro ramen Hokkaido
Kushiro ramen

Kushiro ramen is a ramen made in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. The ramen based on fine nood...

Ramen salad Hokkaido
Ramen salad

Vegetable ingredients are more than chilled Chinese and are eaten as Izakaya and home...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Ikanago kugi Hyogo
Ikanago kugi

Ikanago kugi boiled is a local dish of Hyogo Prefecture, which is stewed sweet and sp...

Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi Oita
Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi

“Seki horse mackerel” and “Seki mackerel,” which are well known throughout the countr...

White shrimp bowl Toyama
White shrimp bowl

Toyama's representative seafood, white shrimp, is designated as “Toyama Prefecture's ...

Tataki of bonito Kochi
Tataki of bonito

Speaking of Kochi Prefecture, it is a famous region of bonito. You can enjoy the fra...

Kitauranada horse mackerel Miyazaki
Kitauranada horse mackerel

“Kitauranada horse mackerel” catches horse mackerel that lives in the rough Hyuga Sea...

Spring delicacy · Kamenote Saga
Spring delicacy · Kamenote

Kamenote is a kind of crustaceans similar to shrimps and crabs, and it lives in rocky...