Obihiro city in Tokachi region is the birthplace of “pig bowl”

Tondon Hokkaido

Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Matsumae pickled Hokkaido
Matsumae pickled

It is a local dish using kelp, a specialty of Hokkaido Matsumae region. It is a prese...

Kelp roll Hokkaido
Kelp roll

In Hokkaido, which boasts the highest quantity of kelp production in Japan, is rooted...

Hakodate ramen Hokkaido
Hakodate ramen

Hakodate ramen is a popular local ramen in Hokkaido along with Sapporo ramen and Asah...

Ikameshi Hokkaido

Famous local dishes from Hakodate and Oshima regions. It is said that “ikameshi” was ...

Bibai Yakitori Hokkaido
Bibai Yakitori

Bibai is located halfway between Sapporo and Asahikawa City. The western region is a ...

Ishikari Nabe Hokkaido
Ishikari Nabe

Ishikari-nabe is a local dish of Hokkaido that uses salmon as the main ingredient and...


Don dishrelated dishes

Tendon Tokyo

“Tendon,” where you eat tempura with crispy batter with rice and a sweet and spicy sa...

Dodome Okayama

Dodomese is a local cuisine handed down in the Fukuoka area of Setouchi City, Okayama...

Glittering bowl Miyagi
Glittering bowl

Kirakiradon is a bowl that uses plenty of locally produced seafood and looks and tast...

Maitake Gohan Shimane
Maitake Gohan

Maitake rice is a rice cooked with vegetables such as Maitake and carrots, a specialt...

Fukaura tuna steak bowl Aomori
Fukaura tuna steak bowl

Enjoy natural bluefin tuna from Fukaura Town, which boasts the best landing in Aomori...

Misaki tamago kake gohan Okayama
Misaki tamago kake gohan

It is a dish that is particular about Misaki-cho, such as freshly laid eggs from Misa...