Niigata's local cuisine

Niigata wappa rice Niigata

Niigata Other recommended dishes

Bamboo dumplings (Sasa dango) Niigata
Bamboo dumplings (Sasa dango)

Famous as a specialty of Niigata prefecture, “Sasa dango” is a ball-shaped dumpling m...

poppoyaki Niigata

Poppoyaki is a nostalgic classic food that everyone knows in the Shimoetsu region of ...

Sanjo curry ramen Niigata
Sanjo curry ramen

Sanjo Curry Ramen is a curry ramen that is said to have a history of more than 70 yea...

Nanban shrimp Niigata
Nanban shrimp

It is also called amebi, but in Niigata it is called Nanban (red pepper) shrimp becau...

noppei soup Niigata
noppei soup

Basically, it contains ingredients such as root vegetables, chicken, and konnyaku, an...

Sasa sushi (sasazushi) Niigata
Sasa sushi (sasazushi)

Sasazushi is a type of sushi in which sushi rice and sushi seeds are wrapped in kumaz...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Tachibuomaki Ehime

Tatsufish is a saltwater fish of the sea bass family, whose length is large and excee...

Asahi crab Miyazaki
Asahi crab

Miyazaki prefecture is a production area for Asahi crab. The season for Asahi crab in...

Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi Oita
Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi

“Seki horse mackerel” and “Seki mackerel,” which are well known throughout the countr...

Ashiyan squid Fukuoka
Ashiyan squid

Hibiki Sea off the coast of Ashiya-cho is one of the leading fishing grounds for squi...

Shirakami abalone Akita
Shirakami abalone

Happo-cho in Akita prefecture is located in the vast World Natural Heritage Site “Shi...

Urume sardine maruboshi Yamaguchi
Urume sardine maruboshi

“Sardine” named as a weak fish that easily falls in freshness and dies soon. “Urme” c...


Popularity ranking

coconut crab coconut crab


Soki soba Soki soba


Imochi Imochi


Namero-don Namero-don


Deep-fried moray eel Deep-fried moray eel


nameake nameake


Tama-konjac Tama-konjac


Dokomawashi Dokomawashi