“Ramen salad” ramen & vegetables make delicious and healthy!

Ramen salad Hokkaido

Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Matsumae pickled Hokkaido
Matsumae pickled

It is a local dish using kelp, a specialty of Hokkaido Matsumae region. It is a prese...

Kelp roll Hokkaido
Kelp roll

In Hokkaido, which boasts the highest quantity of kelp production in Japan, is rooted...

Bibai Yakitori Hokkaido
Bibai Yakitori

Bibai is located halfway between Sapporo and Asahikawa City. The western region is a ...

Hanasaki crab Hokkaido
Hanasaki crab

It is a companion of hermit crabs belonging to the king crab species, and the season ...

Luibbe Hokkaido

“Ruibe” is a local dish that fish such as salmon and trout are frozen and then eaten ...

Hokkaido specialty “squid somen” Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty “squid somen”

“Squid somen” is to cut the true squid caught in Hakodate into thin pieces like somen...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Ikashumai Saga

Yobuko's specialty “Ikashumai”, one of Kyushu's representative souvenirs, originated ...

Gyuten Gunma

In Gunma, where wheat production is thriving, many dishes using flour are eaten. It w...

YaME-tea sweets Fukuoka
YaME-tea sweets

The origin of YaME-tea is said to have originated when the monk Shuzui built Reiganji...

Let's Tofu (Tang Fuyo) Okinawa
Let's Tofu (Tang Fuyo)

Tofu is a delicacy in Okinawa's unique delicacy made with only natural ingredients. I...

Yubeshi Okayama

It is a mochi confectionary made using locally aromatic yuzu. “Yubeshi,” which is sai...

Eel dishes in Narita Chiba
Eel dishes in Narita

The area around Naritasan Omotesando, where Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is located, is...