Okinawa folk food in winter in Oshu Iwate! Ankake udon

Ankake udon Iwate

Iwate Other recommended dishes

Morioka Reimen Iwate
Morioka Reimen

Morioka Reimen is loved locally as one of Morioka's three major noodles. The biggest ...

Morioka Jajamen Iwate
Morioka Jajamen

One of the three major noodles in Morioka is “Jaja Noodles”. Unlike Chinese noodles, ...

Peppers miso Iwate
Peppers miso

In Iwate Prefecture's local gourmet “sweet pepper miso”, you just need to add soy sau...

Iwate Kaisendon Iwate
Iwate Kaisendon

Mainly saury and bonito are caught, and aquaculture is popular, and sea urchin, seawe...

Kitakami croquette Iwate
Kitakami croquette

Kitakami Cookers Association stood up saying “something specialty in Kitakami City”, ...

Tono Genghis Khan Iwate
Tono Genghis Khan

I think the most characteristic of Genghis Khan in Tono is eating in the open air usi...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Fish udon Miyazaki
Fish udon

It is a local dish of Nichinan, which is known as a fishing town, and when staple foo...

Fujinomiya Yakisoba Shizuoka
Fujinomiya Yakisoba

Speaking of Shizuoka yakisoba is Fujinomiya Yakisoba. The firm firmness and chewy tex...

Tsuyama hormone udon Okayama
Tsuyama hormone udon

Tsuyama hormone udon made with plenty of fresh mixed hormones. Since the Tsuyama area...

Goshiki somen Ehime
Goshiki somen

Goshiki somen is one of Matsuyama's specialties that have been eaten since the Edo pe...

Beppu Reimen Oita
Beppu Reimen

The first Reimen shop opened in Beppu around 1955. It is said that the shop was opene...

Kamatama udon Kagawa
Kamatama udon

Kamatama udon is one of the Sanuki udon menus. It is a type of udon that is eaten by ...