If you say “Yakiniku” in Tono, Genghis Khan after sauce!

Tono Genghis Khan Iwate

Iwate Other recommended dishes

Morioka Reimen Iwate
Morioka Reimen

Morioka Reimen is loved locally as one of Morioka's three major noodles. The biggest ...

Kitakami croquette Iwate
Kitakami croquette

Kitakami Cookers Association stood up saying “something specialty in Kitakami City”, ...

Morioka Jajamen Iwate
Morioka Jajamen

One of the three major noodles in Morioka is “Jaja Noodles”. Unlike Chinese noodles, ...

Iwate Kaisendon Iwate
Iwate Kaisendon

Mainly saury and bonito are caught, and aquaculture is popular, and sea urchin, seawe...

Maezawa beef Iwate
Maezawa beef

Maezawa beef is fine and fine marbled, the meat quality is outstanding, and the moist...

Ankake udon Iwate
Ankake udon

Ankake udon in Iwate is a local dish that is considered to be a feast for severe wint...


Meat dishrelated dishes

Towada rose Aomori
Towada rose

Towada barayaki is a local gourmet for the purpose of town okoshi and is positioned a...

Ugo beef Akita
Ugo beef

Surrounded by rich nature, Ugo Town is also famous as an area that produces high-qual...

Miso cutlet Aichi
Miso cutlet

In a tonkatsu shop in Nagoya, there are almost no miso katsu restaurants. A lot of mi...

Dotoyaki Osaka

Doteyaki is a staple dish of Osaka Shinsekai, which is stewed for a long time in miso...

Miyazaki beef steak Miyazaki
Miyazaki beef steak

Miyazaki beef is a Japanese black beef produced and fattened in Miyazaki Prefecture. ...

Kakegawa beef Shizuoka
Kakegawa beef

“Kakegawa beef” is a brand beef from Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where excell...