Kitakami croquette made using local ingredients

Kitakami croquette Iwate

Iwate Other recommended dishes

Peppers miso Iwate
Peppers miso

In Iwate Prefecture's local gourmet “sweet pepper miso”, you just need to add soy sau...

Ankake udon Iwate
Ankake udon

Ankake udon in Iwate is a local dish that is considered to be a feast for severe wint...

Iwate Kaisendon Iwate
Iwate Kaisendon

Mainly saury and bonito are caught, and aquaculture is popular, and sea urchin, seawe...

Tono Genghis Khan Iwate
Tono Genghis Khan

I think the most characteristic of Genghis Khan in Tono is eating in the open air usi...

Morioka Reimen Iwate
Morioka Reimen

Morioka Reimen is loved locally as one of Morioka's three major noodles. The biggest ...

Wankosoba Iwate

Speaking of soba in Iwate Prefecture, wanko soba is. The style of putting a bite-size...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Usa karaage Oita
Usa karaage

Karaage from Oita prefecture, where chicken consumption per person is said to be one ...

Imo-fly Tochigi

After the war, potatoes were processed and sold to female staff in Sano City's silk f...

Senzanki Ehime

Senzanki is a dish around Imabari city in eastern Ehime Prefecture, and is said to be...

Kakogawa Katsumeshi Hyogo
Kakogawa Katsumeshi

Katsumeshi, a local dish of Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, is served with beef cutl...

Toriten Oita

Toriten is a local dish loved since ancient times in Oita. It is a dish that uses pon...

Tempura in Obi Miyazaki
Tempura in Obi

It is a unique tempura made by combining fresh fish surimi landed on the Nichinan coa...