Japanese black beef “Ugoyu” sold out immediately in the Akita prefecture market

Ugo beef Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork” Akita
Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork”

Since peach pigs are born without diseases, they are raised with almost no chemicals ...

Yokote yakisoba Akita
Yokote yakisoba

It is a well-known local gourmet of Yokota, and is counted as one of the three major ...

Kiritanpo Akita

Kiritanpo is a food made with mashed glutinous rice wrapped around a stick of cedar f...

Ishikawa soba Akita
Ishikawa soba

In the Ishikawa area, soba cultivation has been popular since more than 300 years ago...

Aigake Jindai Curry Akita
Aigake Jindai Curry

The Jindai district in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, is a rice cultivation area whe...

Butter mochi Akita
Butter mochi

Butter mochi is a confectionery made by adding glutinous rice soaked in water overnig...


Meat dishrelated dishes

Ton-chan Fukui

When talking about Ono city located in the eastern part of Fukui prefecture, “hormone...

Imari beef Saga
Imari beef

In the natural environment of abundant lush Imari, the highest quality Imari Saga bee...

Miyagi specialty beef tongue Miyagi
Miyagi specialty beef tongue

Gyu-tongue is one of the specialties that visitors to Miyagi can eat. In the case of ...

Wakasa beef Fukui
Wakasa beef

It is the highest grade wagyu certified according to strict standards from Japanese b...

Maezawa beef Iwate
Maezawa beef

Maezawa beef is fine and fine marbled, the meat quality is outstanding, and the moist...

Iga beef steak Mie
Iga beef steak

Iga beef is a brand beef raised in the Iga region of Mie Prefecture. It is said that ...