slippery! Chewy! Hand-stretched somen


Kagawa Other recommended dishes

Soft serve Kagawa
Soft serve

Kagawa prefecture has an abundance of soft serve ice cream made with local specialtie...

Sanuki udon Kagawa
Sanuki udon

Sanuki udon is a well-known specialty of Kagawa Prefecture. However, it became a nati...

Kagawa soy sauce beans Kagawa
Kagawa soy sauce beans

Kagawa Prefecture is known to have many ponds because it rains little and there are f...

Kankanzushi (here prank) Kagawa
Kankanzushi (here prank)

“Sawara” tells the spring on Sanuki Road. “Kankan sushi (zushi)” is a local dish usin...

Kamatama udon Kagawa
Kamatama udon

Kamatama udon is one of the Sanuki udon menus. It is a type of udon that is eaten by ...

Oiri Kagawa

Oiri is a type of arare produced in Kagawa prefecture, especially from the Midwest re...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Inaniwa udon Akita
Inaniwa udon

Inaniwa udon is dried udon made by hand in southern Akita Prefecture. It is counted a...

Tarai Udon Tokushima
Tarai Udon

Tara-udon noodles are characterized by the strength of hand-made rice noodles, which ...

Mizusawa udon Gunma
Mizusawa udon

You can eat it at “Mizusawa Udon Kaido” in the vicinity of Mizusawa-dera Temple near ...

Takada soba Oita
Takada soba

Bungotakada soba has a major characteristic that it is cultivated twice a year in spr...

Kumagaya Holdon Saitama
Kumagaya Holdon

Kumagaya City in Saitama Prefecture is one of the leading wheat producing regions and...

Ibuki soba Shiga
Ibuki soba

The Ibuki region is said to be the birthplace of Japanese soba cultivation. It is ble...