The core of the ingredient is Oga's traditional seasoning “sandfish shottsuru”

Oga shottsuru yakisoba Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Kiritanpo Akita

Kiritanpo is a food made with mashed glutinous rice wrapped around a stick of cedar f...

Black ore curry Akita
Black ore curry

A rare curry called black ore curry was born in a dish made by the head chef of the B...

Hinai chicken yakitori Akita
Hinai chicken yakitori

The northern part of Akita prefecture, which is a fertile land, is suitable for free-...

Damako nabe Akita
Damako nabe

“Dumako” is freshly cooked rice transferred to a mortar, crushed with a saw until a f...

Junsai Akita

Junsai is a perennial aquatic plant that floats leaves on the surface of water, like ...

Omagari curry umamen Akita
Omagari curry umamen

Curry umamen is made by putting ramen noodles in a soup made with dried bonito broth ...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Sea bream somen (taisomen) Ehime
Sea bream somen (taisomen)

“Tai somen” is a dish made by simmering a whole tail of Thailand on a platter with bo...

Jindaiji soba Tokyo
Jindaiji soba

Originally, the land was not suitable for rice production, and the abundance of water...

Inaniwa udon Akita
Inaniwa udon

Inaniwa udon is dried udon made by hand in southern Akita Prefecture. It is counted a...

Hita yakisoba Oita
Hita yakisoba

Hita yakisoba is a local gourmet from Hita, Oita prefecture, where freshly boiled raw...

Hocho Oita

Boil noodles that are 2 meters long, made by hand-rolling flour, add soy sauce, mirin...

Yokote yakisoba Akita
Yokote yakisoba

It is a well-known local gourmet of Yokota, and is counted as one of the three major ...