Okinawa's winter tradition “Moochi”

Moochie Okinawa

Okinawa Other recommended dishes

Pawpaw Okinawa

Pawpaw is an Okinawan confectionery made by dissolving wheat flour in an appropriate ...

Ishigakijima pineapple Okinawa
Ishigakijima pineapple

This pineapple has been grown on Ishigaki Island since ancient times and is often eat...

juicy Okinawa

Juicy is Okinawan style cooked rice cooked with pork belly and vegetables such as hij...

Irabou soup Okinawa
Irabou soup

Irabou refers to “elabu sea snake”, and irabou soup is a traditional Okinawan dish us...

Deep-fried glukun Okinawa
Deep-fried glukun

Gurukun (Japanese name Takasago), which is also designated as Okinawa's prefectural f...

Rafte Okinawa

“Raftee” is a local dish of Okinawa Prefecture. “Raftee” is made by stewed carefully ...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

shikinbai (shikinbai) Ibaraki
shikinbai (shikinbai)

Kairakuen in Mito, one of Japan's three great gardens, has about 100 varieties of plu...

Kelp marinating Toyama
Kelp marinating

Kombuzaki is a dish created by combining kombu from Hokkaido brought by Kitamaebune i...

Nikujaga from Kure Hiroshima
Nikujaga from Kure

“Kure no nikujaga” uses make-in for potatoes and is characterized by being made with ...

Zaru tofu Saga
Zaru tofu

Natural bittern is put into soy milk, solidified, and then put it in a colander, so w...

steamed Ishikawa

There are “Kaga vegetables” as the brand vegetables certified by Kanazawa City. Among...

Karukan Kagoshima

Karukan is known throughout Japan as a famous confectionery of Kagoshima Prefecture, ...