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Sake manju Oita

Oita Other recommended dishes

Seki horse mackerel Oita
Seki horse mackerel

It is a famous confectionery from Saganoseki (formerly Saganoseki Town) in Oita City,...

Dango soup Oita
Dango soup

Dango-jiru is a typical dish of Oita, where dumplings made by kneading flour and spre...

Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi Oita
Seki horse mackerel and seki mackerel sashimi

“Seki horse mackerel” and “Seki mackerel,” which are well known throughout the countr...

Sea bream chazuke ureshino Oita
Sea bream chazuke ureshino

It is a family dish handed down to Wakaeiya since the Edo period, and it is ochazuke ...

Sorakitamochi Oita

Sorakitamochi is a local confectionery that has been popular since ancient times in H...

Ayu cuisine Oita
Ayu cuisine

There are 585 clear streams flowing in Oita prefecture, such as the Mikuma River, whi...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Kurehanashi Toyama

Kureha pears are a brand pear representing Toyama prefecture cultivated in the Kureha...

Chicken Nanban Miyazaki
Chicken Nanban

Deep-fried battered chicken, fried in sweet and vinegar sauce, and served with tartar...

Moochie Okinawa

The lunar calendar, 12/8, is a traditional event “Moochie Day” in Okinawa prefecture ...

Odawara Kamaboko Kanagawa
Odawara Kamaboko

The history dates back to the Edo period, and at the time of Sankinkotai, the samurai...

Zaru tofu Saga
Zaru tofu

Natural bittern is put into soy milk, solidified, and then put it in a colander, so w...

Cherries in Sanseki Akita
Cherries in Sanseki

The Miseki district of Yuzawa City is known as a cherry producing area, and is a fert...