It goes well as a side dish, snack, or as a drink!


Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Asahikawa ramen Hokkaido
Asahikawa ramen

Asahikawa Ramen, one of the three major ramen in Hokkaido, is a simple ramen called a...

Sapporo ramen Hokkaido
Sapporo ramen

Speaking of Sapporo, “miso ramen”. The soup is made with miso flavor, medium thick ch...

Muroran Yakitori Hokkaido
Muroran Yakitori

Muroran Yakitori, as its name suggests, is a “yakitori” invented in Muroran City, Hok...

Ishikari Nabe Hokkaido
Ishikari Nabe

Ishikari-nabe is a local dish of Hokkaido that uses salmon as the main ingredient and...

Hokkaido specialty “squid somen” Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty “squid somen”

“Squid somen” is to cut the true squid caught in Hakodate into thin pieces like somen...

Kushiro ramen Hokkaido
Kushiro ramen

Kushiro ramen is a ramen made in Kushiro City, Hokkaido. The ramen based on fine nood...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Uramura Kaki Mie
Uramura Kaki

Uramura Oyster is cultured in Ikuura Bay in Uramura Town, Toba City, Mie Prefecture. ...

Toyama Kanburi Toyama
Toyama Kanburi

The yellowtail that can be taken during the cold season is called “Kanburi”, and the ...

Tottori Matsuba Crab Tottori
Tottori Matsuba Crab

Of the snow crab, the grown male is called “Matsubagani”, and it is a winter taste re...

Bonito dishes Kagoshima
Bonito dishes

The bonito fishery in Makurazaki boasts a history of more than 350 years, and has con...

Bibi horseback Miyazaki
Bibi horseback

Meizu fishing port in Miyazaki prefecture is an area rich in nature with a warm clima...

Jigoku-steamed Oita

“Jigoku-mushi”, which has continued since the Edo period, is a cooking method for ste...