The taste of the season that I remember every May

Moso soup Yamagata

Yamagata Other recommended dishes

Dondon-yaki Yamagata

Dondonyaki in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture has a common sauce taste, and it...

Kado grilled Yamagata
Kado grilled

Kado is a herring that is eaten widely in Yamagata Prefecture. In the Tohoku region,...

Sakata ramen Yamagata
Sakata ramen

Sakata ramen is a ramen that originated in the northern part of the Shonai region, ma...

Grilled fish of black Yamagata
Grilled fish of black

The blackfish that can often be caught on rocky areas and embankments near Kamo from ...

Boiled carp Yamagata
Boiled carp

It is the representative dish of Yonezawa's carp dish. It is a local dish made with c...

Tama-konjac Yamagata

Yamagata has long been the producing area of konjac potato, and “Tamakon” is a soul f...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Okuto Fukuoka

“Okuto” originated in Fukuoka, has been familiar with locals in Fukuoka since ancient...

Sawamochi Mie

Sawamochi is a specialty confectionary from the Ise-Shima region of Mie Prefecture. I...

Kelp roll Hokkaido
Kelp roll

In Hokkaido, which boasts the highest quantity of kelp production in Japan, is rooted...

Three bottle burger Shimane
Three bottle burger

“Mikame Burger” is a hamburger shop located on Mount Mikame in Ota City, Shimane Pref...

Mishima croquette Shizuoka
Mishima croquette

Mishima croquettes are croquettes made from Mishima potatoes (make-in) harvested at t...

Shoro manju Saga
Shoro manju

Shoro manju is one of the sweets that represent Karatsu. It is said that it was named...