It is a local cuisine from the Chichibu region of Saitama. It's simple but I'm most satisfied.

Miso potato Saitama

Saitama Other recommended dishes

Kumagaya Holdon Saitama
Kumagaya Holdon

Kumagaya City in Saitama Prefecture is one of the leading wheat producing regions and...

Saitama Satoimo Saitama
Saitama Satoimo

Taro is also composed in the poems of Manyoshu. It is an essential ingredient in Japa...

Gyoda Fry Saitama
Gyoda Fry

Fry though not fried? It is said that the name originated in the early Showa period w...

Five family treasures (Gokaho) Saitama
Five family treasures (Gokaho)

Kumagaya's “Five Family Treasures” are said to be one of the three major confections ...

mackerel sushi Saitama
mackerel sushi

A characteristic feature of mackerel roasted stick sushi is that the mackerel is ligh...

Sauce yaki udon Saitama
Sauce yaki udon

Hatogaya's grilled udon has a sauce taste. Sauce yaki udon was born in the town rebui...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Fish cutlet Tokushima
Fish cutlet

“Fish cutlet” is made by adding curry powder, chili peppers, and seasonings to the su...

Salad chikuwa Kumamoto
Salad chikuwa

It is a dish in which potato salad is tightly packed in a chikuwa hole and deep-fried...

Get it from Nakatsu Oita
Get it from Nakatsu

The B-class gourmet “Nakatsu Karaage” representing Oita Prefecture is now famous nati...

Deep-fried moray eel Kochi
Deep-fried moray eel

Speaking of Kochi, bonito is, but the typical ingredients along with this are moray e...

White shrimp tempura Toyama
White shrimp tempura

Locally popular and sold as fresh food. The newly caught white shrimp has a light pin...

Deep-fried mehikari Miyazaki
Deep-fried mehikari

Mexicali is a small fish of about 5 to 15 cm caught at a depth of about 300 m in the ...