With a Hokuhoku texture, the umami of potato is condensed.

Imochi Niigata

Niigata Other recommended dishes

Kurumagan Niigata

Kurumafu, which has long been familiar as a local dish of Niigata's “taste of omukuro...

Bamboo dumplings (Sasa dango) Niigata
Bamboo dumplings (Sasa dango)

Famous as a specialty of Niigata prefecture, “Sasa dango” is a ball-shaped dumpling m...

Taichazuke Niigata

Taichazuke is a local bowl unique to Kashiwazaki, a specialty area of the top class s...

Moke crab Niigata
Moke crab

Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu is located in a beautiful and beautiful environment surrou...

noppei soup Niigata
noppei soup

Basically, it contains ingredients such as root vegetables, chicken, and konnyaku, an...

Sasa sushi (sasazushi) Niigata
Sasa sushi (sasazushi)

Sasazushi is a type of sushi in which sushi rice and sushi seeds are wrapped in kumaz...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Zangi Hokkaido

Zangi is a chicken dish that is popular in Hokkaido, which is pickled in ginger, soy ...

Tempura of salted bamboo shoots Chiba
Tempura of salted bamboo shoots

“Tempura of salted bamboo shoots” is a simple dish in which salted bamboo shoots are ...

Koshiabura Nagano

New shoots with a unique aroma that grow in early spring are edible and treated as wi...

Gyoda Fry Saitama
Gyoda Fry

Fry though not fried? It is said that the name originated in the early Showa period w...

Chushin region specialty bandit grilled Nagano
Chushin region specialty bandit grilled

“Sanzoku yaki”, which can be said to be the soul food of Shinshu people, is a local d...

Oyster fly Hiroshima
Oyster fly

Speaking of oyster fried food, the first thing that comes to mind is Oyster Fry. Afte...