Sweet scented pumpkin pie is a gift of nature

Pumpkin pie Akita

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Yokote yakisoba Akita
Yokote yakisoba

It is a well-known local gourmet of Yokota, and is counted as one of the three major ...

Damako nabe Akita
Damako nabe

“Dumako” is freshly cooked rice transferred to a mortar, crushed with a saw until a f...

Kinko Akita

It seems that the reason for making Kinman started when Masami Ouchi, the first gener...

Ugo beef Akita
Ugo beef

Surrounded by rich nature, Ugo Town is also famous as an area that produces high-qual...

deer antler hormone Akita
deer antler hormone

Kazuno hormone in Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture, uses pork and beef, marinated in mis...

Cherries in Sanseki Akita
Cherries in Sanseki

The Miseki district of Yuzawa City is known as a cherry producing area, and is a fert...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Hinagu Chikuwa Kumamoto
Hinagu Chikuwa

It is said that Hinagu chikuwa began in Meiji 16 when bamboo was rolled up and rotate...

Chimaki Fukuoka

Chimaki in the Chinese restaurant “Toshin Sekai” is a specialty of Hakata Nakasu. Any...

Ohataki meat roll Shizuoka
Ohataki meat roll

“Ohataki no Nikumaki,” a soul food from the Enshu region, is a dish made by wrapping ...

Nozawa pickled Nagano
Nozawa pickled

As it is said to be “snow, kotatsu and leaf pickling in Shinshu”, this mineral-rich s...

Karukan Kagoshima

Karukan is known throughout Japan as a famous confectionery of Kagoshima Prefecture, ...

Okai/Tea Gayu Wakayama
Okai/Tea Gayu

In Wakayama Prefecture, 'chagayu' is referred to as' Okaisan 'or' Okayu-san. ' Becaus...