People who live in Akita are sure to know Akita's famous confectionery “Kinko”

Kinko Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Raw corn Akita
Raw corn

“Morokoshi” is a confectionery that has been eaten in Akita prefecture for a long tim...

Hachiko's sweets Akita
Hachiko's sweets

Odate city in Akita prefecture is the hometown of the loyal dog Hachiko, and sells va...

Hanazushi Akita

It is a pickled eggplant peculiar to Akita prefecture. Edible chrysanthemums, chili p...

Hottsuru Nabe Akita
Hottsuru Nabe

Shottsuru is a seasoning of Akita's specialty. Its true identity is fish sauce. Salt ...

Tonburi Akita

It is a hidden dish of Akita Prefecture, “Tonburi” served. Although it is a seed of b...

Shirakami abalone Akita
Shirakami abalone

Happo-cho in Akita prefecture is located in the vast World Natural Heritage Site “Shi...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Miyagi Zundamochi Miyagi
Miyagi Zundamochi

Zundamochi is a mixture of green soybeans (edamame) before soybeans are boiled in sal...

Manganji Togarashi (Manganji sweet) Kyoto
Manganji Togarashi (Manganji sweet)

Manganji Togarashi originated in the Manganji area located in the suburbs of Maizuru ...

Agar dishes Akita
Agar dishes

Agar culture is rooted in Akita prefecture, and when you visit, you can enjoy agar di...

Three cups mochi Akita
Three cups mochi

It is a mochi confectionery eaten mainly in the Omagari Senboku area in the southern ...

Daikon Ishikawa

An essential part of Ishikawa Prefecture's traditional ingredients is buri. The compa...

Miso oden Aichi
Miso oden

Speaking of oden in Nagoya, it refers to “miso oden”. Soy-sauce based oden is called ...