“Shirakami abalone” raised in Happo-cho, Akita prefecture

Shirakami abalone Akita

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Black ore curry Akita
Black ore curry

A rare curry called black ore curry was born in a dish made by the head chef of the B...

Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork” Akita
Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork”

Since peach pigs are born without diseases, they are raised with almost no chemicals ...

Cherries in Sanseki Akita
Cherries in Sanseki

The Miseki district of Yuzawa City is known as a cherry producing area, and is a fert...

Friend doll melon pan Akita
Friend doll melon pan

Friend Doll's melon pan is a popular product with a history of more than 30 years, an...

Kinko Akita

It seems that the reason for making Kinman started when Masami Ouchi, the first gener...

Katsu ramen Akita
Katsu ramen

It is said that it originated about 40 years ago, when people wanted to eat both kats...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Tsugani (moke crab) Kochi
Tsugani (moke crab)

Mokuzu crab, which has been inhabiting all over Japan since ancient times, is called ...

Wakasa Guji Fukui
Wakasa Guji

Wakasa (Fukui Prefecture) was once called the “Food Country)” as a country where food...

Carp in Ibaraki Ibaraki
Carp in Ibaraki

There are many carp dishes in Ibaraki Prefecture, and you can enjoy various types of ...

Rock brat Akita
Rock brat

Kisakata, Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture is a town facing the Sea of Japan at the sout...

Mari pickled Okayama
Mari pickled

One of the local dishes of Okayama Prefecture is pickled in the leaves. It is said th...

Natural oysters Miyazaki
Natural oysters

The “Nippo Coast” is famous for producing large, rich, and creamy rock oysters due to...