Ishikawa soba, a specialty of Happo-cho

Ishikawa soba Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Aigake Jindai Curry Akita
Aigake Jindai Curry

The Jindai district in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, is a rice cultivation area whe...

Basa Akita

Gibashi is the same seaweed as wakame and mozuku, which has been eaten in Akita Prefe...

Wildflower chiffon Akita
Wildflower chiffon

Wildflower Chiffon Cake is a chiffon cake made from fresh vegetables and fruits grown...

Junsai Akita

Junsai is a perennial aquatic plant that floats leaves on the surface of water, like ...

Kinko Akita

It seems that the reason for making Kinman started when Masami Ouchi, the first gener...

Oga shottsuru yakisoba Akita
Oga shottsuru yakisoba

The sandfish is a mysterious deep-sea fish that rushes to the coast all at once to la...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Sobameshi Hyogo

Sobameshi is a dish of finely chopped soba yaki and fried on a teppan with rice. It i...

Shodoshima somen Kagawa
Shodoshima somen

Shodoshima stretch somen is one of the three major somen noodles in Japan, and is par...

Hitachi-Aki-soba Ibaraki

The northern region of Ibaraki Prefecture is suitable for soba cultivation, such as t...

Goemon ramen Iwate
Goemon ramen

Goemon Ramen, a hidden local gourmet in Tono, is a spicy dish that is loved by Tono c...

Sea bream somen (taisomen) Ehime
Sea bream somen (taisomen)

“Tai somen” is a dish made by simmering a whole tail of Thailand on a platter with bo...

Hoto Yamanashi

Speaking of Yamanashi Prefecture's local cuisine, Hoto is. It is a simple dish stewed...