Speaking of Osaka's specialty pot, Mizuna and Whale Hari Nabe

Hari Hari Osaka

Osaka Other recommended dishes

Takoyaki Osaka

Takoyaki is a dish in which wheat flour is dissolved in water, cut into bite-sized oc...

Grilled green onion Osaka
Grilled green onion

Negiyaki is a flour similar to okonomiyaki. It is made by mixing a heaped green onion...

Hormone-grilled Osaka

There are various theories that the internal organs such as the intestines, originall...

Pork Osaka

Speaking of “meat” in Kansai since ancient times refers to beef. That's why Chinese ...

Dustpan Osaka

A dustpan is a pot dish that uses a square shallow flat pot similar to a dustpan, and...

Kasu udon Osaka
Kasu udon

Marc udon is a dish made with oil kasu (fried hormone) on a soup stock. Oilpecs have...


Nabe dishrelated dishes

Hottsuru Nabe Akita
Hottsuru Nabe

Shottsuru is a seasoning of Akita's specialty. Its true identity is fish sauce. Salt ...

Sakura nabe Tokyo
Sakura nabe

It is a traditional dish in downtown Tokyo, and its history dates back to the Meiji p...

Chanko nabe (chankonabe) Tokyo
Chanko nabe (chankonabe)

Ryogoku, known as the town of sumo, is home to Ryogoku Kokugikan, famous for sumo, an...

oyster bank pot Hiroshima
oyster bank pot

The earthenware pot makes you want to eat without sex on a cold day. Oyster bowl is a...

Suppon pot Oita
Suppon pot

Suppon grown in Oita Prefecture, which has an ideal environment for breeding Suppon s...

Fuguchiri Yamaguchi

Fuguchiri is a nabe that serves as a leading ingredient in which fugu is served as a ...


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