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Akita Other recommended dishes

Hachiko's sweets Akita
Hachiko's sweets

Odate city in Akita prefecture is the hometown of the loyal dog Hachiko, and sells va...

Stone-grilled dishes Akita
Stone-grilled dishes

It is said to have originated from the fisherman's dish of Oga, and it is a local dis...

Omagari curry umamen Akita
Omagari curry umamen

Curry umamen is made by putting ramen noodles in a soup made with dried bonito broth ...

Aigake Jindai Curry Akita
Aigake Jindai Curry

The Jindai district in Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, is a rice cultivation area whe...

Shirakami abalone Akita
Shirakami abalone

Happo-cho in Akita prefecture is located in the vast World Natural Heritage Site “Shi...

Butter mochi Akita
Butter mochi

Butter mochi is a confectionery made by adding glutinous rice soaked in water overnig...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Yamakawazuke Kagoshima

The Yamakawa district of Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where Yamakawazuke is ha...

Miki Monaka Kumamoto
Miki Monaka

In the crispy and light skin, red bean paste made with Dainagon azuki beans is tightl...

Zuiki Ishikawa

Zuki made in Ishikawa Prefecture is a petiole of “yatsugashira” which is a type of ta...

Okinawa zenzai Okinawa
Okinawa zenzai

Kintoki beans and broth boiled in brown sugar are chilled and served in a bowl, and a...

Ebisu (berobero) Ishikawa
Ebisu (berobero)

Ebisu is sometimes an egg agar and is an essential food for every festival or celebra...

Momotaro grapes Okayama
Momotaro grapes

Okayama, a sunny country, is blessed with its climate and climate, and is called the ...