It is finished in a simple taste of soba.

Tsuke-kenchin soba (kenchin udon) Ibaraki

Ibaraki Other recommended dishes

Shishinabe Ibaraki

Boar meat seems to have been a valuable source of protein for Japanese people since t...

Hitachi-Aki-soba Ibaraki

The northern region of Ibaraki Prefecture is suitable for soba cultivation, such as t...

Mukago gohan Ibaraki
Mukago gohan

It's cooked rice from Mukago. “Mukago” is a small bud (shiyuga) formed at the base of...

Daigo shamoghetan Ibaraki
Daigo shamoghetan

Okukuji Shamo is a chicken raised in a mountainous area surrounded by nature in Okuku...

Ibaraki Anko Nabe Ibaraki
Ibaraki Anko Nabe

It is a local dish of Ibaraki Prefecture, and it is said to be the best season from w...

Handmade sashimi konnyaku Ibaraki
Handmade sashimi konnyaku

The Okukuji region of Ibaraki Prefecture has been popular for growing konjac since an...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Gomadashi udon Oita
Gomadashi udon

“Gomadashi” is a paste-like seasoning made by adding plenty of sesame seeds to mirin,...

Soki soba Okinawa
Soki soba

Soki soba is Okinawa soba topped with pork ribs (spare ribs). The seasoning is thick...

Hida soba Gifu
Hida soba

Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture is a region where you can make soba because the snow...

Sanuki udon Kagawa
Sanuki udon

Sanuki udon is a well-known specialty of Kagawa Prefecture. However, it became a nati...

Soba Nagano

Buckwheat is made from buckwheat flour with the addition of water or boiling water, q...

Yoshida udon Yamanashi
Yoshida udon

Yoshida no Udon, which has been loved for a long time in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi ...