Local cuisine from southern Akita prefecture An indispensable gem for New Year's holidays

Natto soup Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Black ore curry Akita
Black ore curry

A rare curry called black ore curry was born in a dish made by the head chef of the B...

Inaniwa udon Akita
Inaniwa udon

Inaniwa udon is dried udon made by hand in southern Akita Prefecture. It is counted a...

Three cups mochi Akita
Three cups mochi

It is a mochi confectionery eaten mainly in the Omagari Senboku area in the southern ...

Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork” Akita
Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork”

Since peach pigs are born without diseases, they are raised with almost no chemicals ...

Basa Akita

Gibashi is the same seaweed as wakame and mozuku, which has been eaten in Akita Prefe...

Hottsuru Nabe Akita
Hottsuru Nabe

Shottsuru is a seasoning of Akita's specialty. Its true identity is fish sauce. Salt ...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Manju Okinawa

Manju is a manju with the word “no” written on a white skin, and it represents “noshi...

Ebisu (berobero) Ishikawa
Ebisu (berobero)

Ebisu is sometimes an egg agar and is an essential food for every festival or celebra...

Matsumae pickled Hokkaido
Matsumae pickled

It is a local dish using kelp, a specialty of Hokkaido Matsumae region. It is a prese...

Sex mochi Chiba
Sex mochi

It was invented by 'OHARA YUGaku', a peasant leader who was active in the end of the ...

Mukago gohan Ibaraki
Mukago gohan

It's cooked rice from Mukago. “Mukago” is a small bud (shiyuga) formed at the base of...

popo Ehime

Popo is a fruit of the Banreishi family native to North America. It is also called Ak...