Hinai chicken, one of the top three delicious chickens in Japan

Hinai chicken yakitori Akita

Akita Other recommended dishes

Yokote yakisoba Akita
Yokote yakisoba

It is a well-known local gourmet of Yokota, and is counted as one of the three major ...

Hottsuru Nabe Akita
Hottsuru Nabe

Shottsuru is a seasoning of Akita's specialty. Its true identity is fish sauce. Salt ...

Katsu ramen Akita
Katsu ramen

It is said that it originated about 40 years ago, when people wanted to eat both kats...

Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork” Akita
Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork”

Since peach pigs are born without diseases, they are raised with almost no chemicals ...

Natto soup Akita
Natto soup

Natto soup is miso soup mixed with carefully ground natto. It is a local dish handed ...

Basa Akita

Gibashi is the same seaweed as wakame and mozuku, which has been eaten in Akita Prefe...


Meat dishrelated dishes

Saga beef Saga
Saga beef

“Saga beef,” which has the highest meat quality standard among brand beef nationwide,...

Hakata Wagyu Fukuoka
Hakata Wagyu

Hakata Wagyu beef is wagyu beef purchased mainly from calf-producing areas in Kyushu ...

Imari beef Saga
Imari beef

In the best natural environment surrounded by the green mountains of Imari, which is ...

Miyagi specialty beef tongue Miyagi
Miyagi specialty beef tongue

Gyu-tongue is one of the specialties that visitors to Miyagi can eat. In the case of ...

Hormone-grilled Osaka

There are various theories that the internal organs such as the intestines, originall...

Takachiho beef Miyazaki
Takachiho beef

Only Japanese black beef produced and fattened within the Takachiho district agricult...