The flavor of niboshi soup and miso is the best! Fujikawa Town's Local Cuisine

ear udon Yamanashi

Yamanashi Other recommended dishes

Raw yuba Yamanashi
Raw yuba

“Raw yuba” is a coating on the surface of soy milk made by boiling soybeans, grinding...

Hoto Yamanashi

Speaking of Yamanashi Prefecture's local cuisine, Hoto is. It is a simple dish stewed...

Yamanashi horse sashimi Yamanashi
Yamanashi horse sashimi

Yamanashi once had a thriving mountain climbing of Mt. Fuji due to geographical condi...

Yoshida udon Yamanashi
Yoshida udon

Yoshida no Udon, which has been loved for a long time in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi ...

Deer curry Yamanashi
Deer curry

“Deer Curry” is a specialty dish of Lake Motosu and Lake Shojinoko. It has a refreshi...

Seisenryo Soft Serve Yamanashi
Seisenryo Soft Serve

Speaking of soft ice cream, it became so famous that it was called “Seisenryo soft se...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Ankake udon Iwate
Ankake udon

Ankake udon in Iwate is a local dish that is considered to be a feast for severe wint...

Chichibu soba Saitama
Chichibu soba

There are many soba restaurants in the Chichibu region of Saitama Prefecture. Althoug...

Bukkake udon Okayama
Bukkake udon

Speaking of Bukkake Udon, it is one of the specialties of Kagawa Prefecture, but its ...

Bukkake udon Kagawa
Bukkake udon

Bukkake udon is a menu where you eat dark soup stock as it is. Since it is boiled and...

Ishikawa soba Akita
Ishikawa soba

In the Ishikawa area, soba cultivation has been popular since more than 300 years ago...

Mizusawa udon Gunma
Mizusawa udon

You can eat it at “Mizusawa Udon Kaido” in the vicinity of Mizusawa-dera Temple near ...