“SORORA!” a name from making it so soon

Sorakitamochi Oita

Oita Other recommended dishes

Jiriyaki Oita

Oita Prefecture is known for its heavy consumption of chicken, but the flour food cul...

Takada soba Oita
Takada soba

Bungotakada soba has a major characteristic that it is cultivated twice a year in spr...

Ajino Maru Oita
Ajino Maru

Fish mackerel has been popular since ancient times in Saiki City, located in the sout...

Sake manju Oita
Sake manju

The Hohi region is composed of Takeda City and Bungoono City located in the southwest...

Jigoku-steamed Oita

“Jigoku-mushi”, which has continued since the Edo period, is a cooking method for ste...

Seki horse mackerel Oita
Seki horse mackerel

It is a famous confectionery from Saganoseki (formerly Saganoseki Town) in Oita City,...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Yuzu roll Gunma
Yuzu roll

In Gunma in winter, the dry wind “karakkaze,” which descends over the mountains, blow...

Butter mochi Akita
Butter mochi

Butter mochi is a confectionery made by adding glutinous rice soaked in water overnig...

Mango Suites Kagoshima
Mango Suites

Mango from Kagoshima prefecture is a “ripe mango” that is completely ripe on the tree...

Kinzanji miso Wakayama
Kinzanji miso

Kinzanji miso is a mellow and soft edible miso produced in Wakayama prefecture where ...

Cancer jiru Oita
Cancer jiru

Ganjiru is a local dish of Usa made using crab (also called mokuzugani or zugani) cau...

Yosedofu Kagoshima

“Yose tofu” is a process called “yose” in the process of making cotton tofu that is s...