Characterized by an exquisite balance between acidity and sweetness


Oita Other recommended dishes

Suppon pot Oita
Suppon pot

Suppon grown in Oita Prefecture, which has an ideal environment for breeding Suppon s...

Kujaku Oita

Kujaku, which is handed down to Saiki City, is a boiled egg with red colored white me...

Toriten Oita

Toriten is a local dish loved since ancient times in Oita. It is a dish that uses pon...

Yoshino chicken rice Oita
Yoshino chicken rice

Yoshino chicken rice is a home-cooked dish handed down in the Yoshino district in the...

Bungo Beppu Bay Crepe Oita
Bungo Beppu Bay Crepe

“Shirasu” is the blessings of nature in Beppu Bay. Whitebait fishing has been popular...

Ayu cuisine Oita
Ayu cuisine

There are 585 clear streams flowing in Oita prefecture, such as the Mikuma River, whi...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Fish paste Toyama
Fish paste

Toyama fish paste is represented by “swirling fish paste” such as kelp rolls, etc., a...

Oblong kelp Fukui
Oblong kelp

The difference between “oboro kombu” and “tororo kombu,” which is thinly processed ko...

Entrance zenzai Nagasaki
Entrance zenzai

The origin goes back to the old naval era, and it seems that it expresses the labor o...

Kudzu Kiri Fukuoka
Kudzu Kiri

Akizuki Honkudzu, which was praised when it was presented to the lord of the Akizuki ...

Crafted fish paste Toyama
Crafted fish paste

Another thing that is attracting attention when it comes to Toyama fish paste is “zai...

Yosedofu Kagoshima

“Yose tofu” is a process called “yose” in the process of making cotton tofu that is s...