Okinawa fish dishes indispensable at home and drinking party


Okinawa Other recommended dishes

Ishigakijima pineapple Okinawa
Ishigakijima pineapple

This pineapple has been grown on Ishigaki Island since ancient times and is often eat...

Soki soba Okinawa
Soki soba

Soki soba is Okinawa soba topped with pork ribs (spare ribs). The seasoning is thick...

blue papaya Okinawa
blue papaya

In Okinawa and Southeast Asian countries, it is harvested in blue time before the fru...

juicy Okinawa

Juicy is Okinawan style cooked rice cooked with pork belly and vegetables such as hij...

Chillager Okinawa

Chillager is one of the traditional dishes of Okinawa prefecture that has many dishes...

Okinawan Mozuku Vinegar Okinawa
Okinawan Mozuku Vinegar

When chewing, it has a texture like a wakame, but it is characterized by strong stick...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Deep-fried pork brown offal Shizuoka
Deep-fried pork brown offal

Pork tea motsukaraage is a frozen food for deep-fried chicken developed by Marumatsu ...

Aburu (Sendai) Miyagi
Aburu (Sendai)

Aburu is fried in oil and is also called Sendai-fu. Gluten, a protein contained in fl...

Toriten Oita

Toriten is a local dish loved since ancient times in Oita. It is a dish that uses pon...

Oyster fly Hiroshima
Oyster fly

Speaking of oyster fried food, the first thing that comes to mind is Oyster Fry. Afte...

Gyoda Fry Saitama
Gyoda Fry

Fry though not fried? It is said that the name originated in the early Showa period w...

Kakogawa Katsumeshi Hyogo
Kakogawa Katsumeshi

Katsumeshi, a local dish of Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, is served with beef cutl...