The large Oyster from Hiroshima is excellent to eat even if you fry it.


Hiroshima Other recommended dishes

Fuchu-yaki Hiroshima

It is an okonomiyaki with soba that uses plenty of minced beef or pork (minced meat) ...

Navy Gourmet Hiroshima
Navy Gourmet

Kure in Hiroshima prefecture faces the Seto Inland Sea and is also known as a place r...

Hiroshima ramen Hiroshima
Hiroshima ramen

The soup of Hiroshima ramen is cooked in a sauce flavored with soy sauce and pork bon...

Hiroshima Tsukemen Hiroshima
Hiroshima Tsukemen

Shingu, who was inspired by China in Showa 29, opened a Chinese restaurant “Shinkaen”...

oyster bank pot Hiroshima
oyster bank pot

The earthenware pot makes you want to eat without sex on a cold day. Oyster bowl is a...

Noodles without soup Hiroshima
Noodles without soup

Speaking of boni-ka-noodles that are eaten in Japan, are common in soup, but in Sichu...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Zangi Hokkaido

Zangi is a chicken dish that is popular in Hokkaido, which is pickled in ginger, soy ...

Salad chikuwa Kumamoto
Salad chikuwa

It is a dish in which potato salad is tightly packed in a chikuwa hole and deep-fried...

Shak tempura Kumamoto
Shak tempura

The summer taste of Kumamoto, shaku (majaku), is officially called 'anajako,' and liv...

Tempura in Obi Miyazaki
Tempura in Obi

It is a unique tempura made by combining fresh fish surimi landed on the Nichinan coa...

Ebiten Ehime

From Niihama to Kawanoe from Hiuchinada, which is rich in seafood, small prawns of 2 ...

Deep-fried mehikari Miyazaki
Deep-fried mehikari

Mexicali is a small fish of about 5 to 15 cm caught at a depth of about 300 m in the ...