Local dishes of Okinawa using noodles derived from Chinese noodles

Soki soba Okinawa

Okinawa Other recommended dishes

Pawpaw Okinawa

Pawpaw is an Okinawan confectionery made by dissolving wheat flour in an appropriate ...

Mimiger Okinawa

Mimiger is a word that refers to “pig's ear” in the Okinawan dialect. After burning a...

Okinawan traditional cuisine suchikar Okinawa
Okinawan traditional cuisine suchikar

Suchikar is a traditional Okinawan dish, and is a preserved food made with pork salte...

Okinawa zenzai Okinawa
Okinawa zenzai

Kintoki beans and broth boiled in brown sugar are chilled and served in a bowl, and a...

Chillager Okinawa

Chillager is one of the traditional dishes of Okinawa prefecture that has many dishes...

Okinawan Cuisine Champloo Okinawa
Okinawan Cuisine Champloo

“Chanpuru” means “gojamaze” in the Okinawan dialect. It is a dish made with vegetable...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Ishikawa soba Akita
Ishikawa soba

In the Ishikawa area, soba cultivation has been popular since more than 300 years ago...

Izumo soba Shimane
Izumo soba

Izumo soba is a food culture representative of the Izumo region. One of the features ...

Toyohashi Curry Udon Aichi
Toyohashi Curry Udon

Toyohashi curry udon is a local curry udon served in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture...

Mikuriya soba Shizuoka
Mikuriya soba

Mikuriya soba (Mikuriya soba) is a local dish from the Mikuriya region of Gotemba Cit...

Shino udon Okayama
Shino udon

Shino udon is udon, which is said to have been eaten by Osho Yoshikan during his trai...

Goshiki somen Ehime
Goshiki somen

Goshiki somen is one of Matsuyama's specialties that have been eaten since the Edo pe...