The gentle taste of fluffy and thick

Akashiyaki Hyogo

Hyogo Other recommended dishes

Himeji Oden Hyogo
Himeji Oden

In Himeji, we eat oden with ginger soy sauce. The way to eat “Oden to eat with ginger...

Ikanago kugi Hyogo
Ikanago kugi

Ikanago kugi boiled is a local dish of Hyogo Prefecture, which is stewed sweet and sp...

Ibonoito Hyogo

The Ibogawa River basin, located in the Banshu region of southwest Hyogo Prefecture, ...

Awaji Island Burger Hyogo
Awaji Island Burger

Awajishima Burger is a title given only to burgers made in Awaji Island due to the id...

Sobameshi Hyogo

Sobameshi is a dish of finely chopped soba yaki and fried on a teppan with rice. It i...

Kobe beef steak Hyogo
Kobe beef steak

Kobe beef is a brand name for beef that can be used instead of the name of Tajima bee...


Okonomiyaki & Takoyakirelated dishes

HISEI Kakioko Okayama
HISEI Kakioko

Hinsei Kakioko is a local dish of Okayama Prefecture, and is an okonomiyaki with oyst...

Tsukishima Monja Tokyo
Tsukishima Monja

When baking on a teppan, from where you wrote letters with tane, “character yaki” → “...

Grilled natto Hiroshima
Grilled natto

It is an okonomiyaki that was born and served in Kumano Town. It has a fluffy texture...

Grilled green onion Osaka
Grilled green onion

Negiyaki is a flour similar to okonomiyaki. It is made by mixing a heaped green onion...

Modern yaki Osaka
Modern yaki

Modern yaki is baked with yakisoba in Kansai style okonomiyaki. Speaking of okonomiy...

Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki Hiroshima
Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima is the mainstream of Okonomiyaki, where vegetables such as d...