A new specialty of Tosa cuisine! Elegant and light taste

Deep-fried moray eel Kochi

Kochi Other recommended dishes

Dish bowl Kochi
Dish bowl

A sashimi, bonito tataki, sushi, and so on, is a gorgeous local dish. It is a local d...

kochi eel Kochi
kochi eel

Speaking of Kochi, the image of bonito is strong, but in fact, Kochi eel is also a sp...

Kirazumochi Kochi

Okara, which is a byproduct of tofu making, can be eaten throughout Japan and is call...

Tsugani (moke crab) Kochi
Tsugani (moke crab)

Mokuzu crab, which has been inhabiting all over Japan since ancient times, is called ...

Tataki of bonito Kochi
Tataki of bonito

Speaking of Kochi Prefecture, it is a famous region of bonito. You can enjoy the fra...

Nabeyaki ramen Kochi
Nabeyaki ramen

The light soup has a soy sauce taste of chicken bones, and the noodles are crunchy th...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Usa karaage Oita
Usa karaage

Karaage from Oita prefecture, where chicken consumption per person is said to be one ...

Ebiten Ehime

From Niihama to Kawanoe from Hiuchinada, which is rich in seafood, small prawns of 2 ...

Chushin region specialty bandit grilled Nagano
Chushin region specialty bandit grilled

“Sanzoku yaki”, which can be said to be the soul food of Shinshu people, is a local d...

Deep-fried pork brown offal Shizuoka
Deep-fried pork brown offal

Pork tea motsukaraage is a frozen food for deep-fried chicken developed by Marumatsu ...

Miso potato Saitama
Miso potato

It is the winning menu of the 5th Saitama B grade local gourmet king decision game in...

White shrimp tempura Toyama
White shrimp tempura

Locally popular and sold as fresh food. The newly caught white shrimp has a light pin...