One of the three major somen noodles in Japan

Ibonoito Hyogo

Hyogo Other recommended dishes

Akashiyaki Hyogo

Akashiyaki, which is also famous nationwide, is a local cuisine of Akashi City, Hyogo...

Awaji Island Burger Hyogo
Awaji Island Burger

Awajishima Burger is a title given only to burgers made in Awaji Island due to the id...

Ikanago kugi Hyogo
Ikanago kugi

Ikanago kugi boiled is a local dish of Hyogo Prefecture, which is stewed sweet and sp...

Sobameshi Hyogo

Sobameshi is a dish of finely chopped soba yaki and fried on a teppan with rice. It i...

Kakogawa Katsumeshi Hyogo
Kakogawa Katsumeshi

Katsumeshi, a local dish of Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, is served with beef cutl...

Kobe beef steak Hyogo
Kobe beef steak

Kobe beef is a brand name for beef that can be used instead of the name of Tajima bee...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Komatsu udon Ishikawa
Komatsu udon

Komatsu udon, which is said to have been eaten by the haisheng Matsuo Basho, is a spe...

Hitachi-Aki-soba Ibaraki

The northern region of Ibaraki Prefecture is suitable for soba cultivation, such as t...

Jumonji ramen Akita
Jumonji ramen

Jumonji ramen is a ramen that is eaten in a region centered on the Jumonji area of Yo...

Kuroishi Tsuyu Yakisoba Aomori
Kuroishi Tsuyu Yakisoba

Kuroishi Tsuyu Yakisoba is said to have started in the late Showa 30s, “Bimanju” in t...

Harusame Nara

Sakurai and Gose in Yamato have vermicelli manufacturing plants, which boast about 60...

Kasu udon Osaka
Kasu udon

Marc udon is a dish made with oil kasu (fried hormone) on a soup stock. Oilpecs have...