Exquisite okonomiyaki where you can enjoy juicy oyster flavor

HISEI Kakioko Okayama



Okayama Other recommended dishes

denim bun Okayama
denim bun

The Kojima district in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture is the birthplace of domestic je...

Bitchu Takahashi Indian Tomato Yakisoba Okayama
Bitchu Takahashi Indian Tomato Yakisoba

Bitchu Takahashi Indian Tomato Yakisoba (Bitchu Takahashi Indian Tomato Yakisoba) is ...

Chiya beef Okayama
Chiya beef

It is a Japanese black breed that inherits the lineage of Japan's oldest vine beef (l...

Kojima Takoshio Yakisoba Okayama
Kojima Takoshio Yakisoba

Kojima in Kurashiki City, located at the foot of the Honshu side of the Seto Ohashi B...

Hiruzen Okowa Okayama
Hiruzen Okowa

It uses plenty of glutinous rice ingredients such as chicken, deep-fried tofu, shiita...

Bukkake udon Okayama
Bukkake udon

Speaking of Bukkake Udon, it is one of the specialties of Kagawa Prefecture, but its ...


Okonomiyaki & Takoyakirelated dishes

Okonomiyaki Osaka

Okonomiyaki is a dish that is eaten using flour dissolved in water as a dough, using ...

Takoyaki Osaka

Takoyaki is a dish in which wheat flour is dissolved in water, cut into bite-sized oc...

Grilled green onion Osaka
Grilled green onion

Negiyaki is a flour similar to okonomiyaki. It is made by mixing a heaped green onion...

Tsukishima Monja Tokyo
Tsukishima Monja

When baking on a teppan, from where you wrote letters with tane, “character yaki” → “...

Akashiyaki Hyogo

Akashiyaki, which is also famous nationwide, is a local cuisine of Akashi City, Hyogo...

Modern yaki Osaka
Modern yaki

Modern yaki is baked with yakisoba in Kansai style okonomiyaki. Speaking of okonomiy...