Nagoya gourmet with sweet and spicy red miso sauce in crispy pork cutlet!

Miso cutlet Aichi

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Nagoya Coach/Oyakodon Aichi
Nagoya Coach/Oyakodon

Nagoya Cochin, a top brand in Aichi Prefecture, is resilient meat, crunchy, and rich ...

Toyohashi Curry Udon Aichi
Toyohashi Curry Udon

Toyohashi curry udon is a local curry udon served in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture...

Ankake Spa Aichi
Ankake Spa

Originating in Nagoya, the ankake spa is different from Italian pasta, where boiled s...

Miso oden Aichi
Miso oden

Speaking of oden in Nagoya, it refers to “miso oden”. Soy-sauce based oden is called ...

pot from red Aichi
pot from red

Nagoya's specialty red kokanabe is a pot that is eaten with plenty of ingredients sim...

Kishimen Aichi

Kishimen is a mixture of flour mixed with salt and water kneaded. It is characterized...


Meat dishrelated dishes

Matsusaka beef sukiyaki Mie
Matsusaka beef sukiyaki

Matsusaka beef, which is proud of the world in Mie Prefecture, is sweet and rich, and...

Hakata Wagyu Fukuoka
Hakata Wagyu

Hakata Wagyu beef is wagyu beef purchased mainly from calf-producing areas in Kyushu ...

Koshu wine beef Yamanashi
Koshu wine beef

Koshu wine beef is less oxidized than beef grown in conventional feed, resulting in a...

Kuraishi beef Aomori
Kuraishi beef

“Aomori Kuraishi Beef” is a Japanese black beef breed that was born in Kuraishi, Gono...

Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a local dish that is representative of Hokkaido using mutton. Mutton ...

Imari beef Saga
Imari beef

In the natural environment of abundant lush Imari, the highest quality Imari Saga bee...


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