The texture of crunchy and crispy becomes a habit! Hokkaido's local cuisine

Matsumae pickled Hokkaido

Hokkaido Other recommended dishes

Kelp roll Hokkaido
Kelp roll

In Hokkaido, which boasts the highest quantity of kelp production in Japan, is rooted...

Hokkaido specialty “squid somen” Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty “squid somen”

“Squid somen” is to cut the true squid caught in Hakodate into thin pieces like somen...

Asahikawa ramen Hokkaido
Asahikawa ramen

Asahikawa Ramen, one of the three major ramen in Hokkaido, is a simple ramen called a...

Haskap Hokkaido

Haskap, which has spread its name as a specialty fruit in Hokkaido, is used for jam a...

Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan Hokkaido
Hokkaido specialty Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is a local dish that is representative of Hokkaido using mutton. Mutton ...

Simmered shishamono Hokkaido
Simmered shishamono

“Shishamono sweet boiled” is a local dish made using shishamo, one of Hokkaido's lead...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

anki too Ibaraki
anki too

In the coastal area of Ibaraki, the anko pot is a specialty, but the anko is a specia...

Jiriyaki Oita

Oita Prefecture is known for its heavy consumption of chicken, but the flour food cul...

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso Toyama
Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso is a typical spring dish in Toyama. Firefl...

Taganemochi Ibaraki

Tagane Mochi is a local dish that is widely eaten in Ibaraki Prefecture, mainly in th...

grilled chestnuts Ibaraki
grilled chestnuts

Ibaraki Prefecture boasts the number number one in Japan for both the cultivation are...

nameake Nagano

Nagano Prefecture is a famous mushroom production area, and most of the domestic Enok...