Yamagata residents eat tama-konjac every day

Tama-konjac Yamagata

Yamagata Other recommended dishes

Natto soup Yamagata
Natto soup

Natto Jiru, which is very nutritious, is a home cooking in winter that has been popul...

Dondon-yaki Yamagata

Dondonyaki in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture has a common sauce taste, and it...

Hiyashi ramen Yamagata
Hiyashi ramen

It was born to survive the hot summer in Yamagata. It is a cold ramen that originated...

Moso soup Yamagata
Moso soup

“Moso soup” is a local dish using bamboo shoots of Moso bamboo shoots called Moso (Mo...

Boiled carp Yamagata
Boiled carp

It is the representative dish of Yonezawa's carp dish. It is a local dish made with c...

Yonezawa beef Yamagata
Yonezawa beef

Brand beef boasting over 100 years of history Yonezawa beef, the three largest Wagyu ...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Nikujaga from Kure Hiroshima
Nikujaga from Kure

“Kure no nikujaga” uses make-in for potatoes and is characterized by being made with ...

black hanpen Shizuoka
black hanpen

Black hanpen is a paste made by making mackerel, mackerel, sardines, etc. as surimi a...

Gorojima Kintoki Ishikawa
Gorojima Kintoki

Gorojima Kintoki is a sweet potato that is mainly produced in the Agasaki district of...

Ebi meshi Okayama
Ebi meshi

“Ebi-meshi” is a unique type of fried rice that combines caramel sauce and ketchup an...

Tsukemono steak Gifu
Tsukemono steak

Tsukemono steak is a local dish from the Hida region of Gifu prefecture. The normal w...

Okuto Fukuoka

“Okuto” originated in Fukuoka, has been familiar with locals in Fukuoka since ancient...