Ita-soba is a fragrant soba loved by the people of Yamagata

Yamagata soba Yamagata

Yamagata Other recommended dishes

Natto soup Yamagata
Natto soup

Natto Jiru, which is very nutritious, is a home cooking in winter that has been popul...

Sakata ramen Yamagata
Sakata ramen

Sakata ramen is a ramen that originated in the northern part of the Shonai region, ma...

Kado grilled Yamagata
Kado grilled

Kado is a herring that is eaten widely in Yamagata Prefecture. In the Tohoku region,...

Kujiramochi Yamagata

Kujiramochi is a local confectionery that has been handed down since ancient times in...

Dondon-yaki Yamagata

Dondonyaki in the inland area of Yamagata Prefecture has a common sauce taste, and it...

Grilled fish of black Yamagata
Grilled fish of black

The blackfish that can often be caught on rocky areas and embankments near Kamo from ...


Soba & Udonrelated dishes

Ishikawa soba Akita
Ishikawa soba

In the Ishikawa area, soba cultivation has been popular since more than 300 years ago...

Daikon soba Tochigi
Daikon soba

It is a local cuisine around Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, which has continued since...

Echizen grated soba Fukui
Echizen grated soba

Echizen soba is a soba that is mainly eaten in the Reihoku region of Fukui prefecture...

Ishinomaki Yakisoba Miyagi
Ishinomaki Yakisoba

Ishinomaki Yakisoba is a yakisoba that is widely eaten in the Ishinomaki metropolitan...

Goto udon Nagasaki
Goto udon

Along with Sanuki udon and Inaniwa udon, Goto udon is called one of the three major u...

Miso stewed udon Aichi
Miso stewed udon

Miso stewed udon is a classic dish in the Nagoya region where raw noodles are stewed ...