nostalgic taste and texture; even on diets

Okuto Fukuoka

Fukuoka Other recommended dishes

Buzen sea one grain oyster Fukuoka
Buzen sea one grain oyster

The “Buzen Sea One Grain Oyster,” which is named because it “takes time and effort to...

oysters Fukuoka

Oysters farmed in Itoshima are called “true oysters,” and are famous as one of Japan'...

Motsunabe Fukuoka

Motsunabe, which is famous as a local dish of Fukuoka, is said to have its roots usin...

Nagahama ramen Fukuoka
Nagahama ramen

Fukuoka is famous for Hakata ramen, but Nagahama ramen is also one of Fukuoka's speci...

Udon Fukuoka

The characteristic of Udon in Fukuoka is that the noodles are soft. The harmony betwe...

Buzen crab Fukuoka
Buzen crab

The Buzen Sea, which has large tidal flats with a large difference in tides and tides...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Mishima croquette Shizuoka
Mishima croquette

Mishima croquettes are croquettes made from Mishima potatoes (make-in) harvested at t...

Uzumizuzen Wakayama

Uzumi is a Buddhist style dish in which tofu and shiitake mushrooms are topped with s...

cicilian rice Saga
cicilian rice

The cicilian rice is fried meat and vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce on top of...

Shikishiki Nara

Shikishiki is one of the snacks usually eaten in Katsuragi Taima and Shinjo, and it i...

Ichimonji Guruguru Kumamoto
Ichimonji Guruguru

“Hitomoji” is called wakegi outside of Kumamoto, but those grown in Kumamoto are uniq...

Wasanbon Kagawa

The natural sweetness of sugarcane cultivated in a limited area of the Sanuki region ...