Cherry shrimp that dyes the dining table in a happy sakura color


Shizuoka Other recommended dishes

Grilled rainbow trout Shizuoka
Grilled rainbow trout

Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, but in fact, rainbow trout production is the hi...

Takaashani Shizuoka

Takashi Crab is the world's largest crab caught in Suruga Bay. The taste is refreshin...

Unashige Shizuoka

Speaking of Shizuoka, it is a famous eel production area. The area around Lake Hamana...

Ohataki meat roll Shizuoka
Ohataki meat roll

“Ohataki no Nikumaki,” a soul food from the Enshu region, is a dish made by wrapping ...

Mishima croquette Shizuoka
Mishima croquette

Mishima croquettes are croquettes made from Mishima potatoes (make-in) harvested at t...

Abekawa mochi Shizuoka
Abekawa mochi

Abekawa-mochi (abekawa-mochi) is freshly made mochi sprinkled with soybean flour mixe...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Kajiki manju Kagoshima
Kajiki manju

Kajiki manju was built 400 years ago from now, when Shimazu Yoshihiro, the 17th lord ...

Gohei Mochi Gifu
Gohei Mochi

Goheimochi is a local dish that has been popular since ancient times in the mountaino...

Steamed sun pumpkin Miyazaki
Steamed sun pumpkin

Black skin pumpkin, a specialty that grows in plenty of sunlight in Miyazaki prefectu...

Tsuwabuki Miyazaki

It is a perennial plant of the family of chrysanaceae. It has a Japanese name for Tsu...

Sesame tofu Wakayama
Sesame tofu

Sesame tofu, which was born as one of the vegetarian dishes in Koyasan, a sacred plac...

Saitama Satoimo Saitama
Saitama Satoimo

Taro is also composed in the poems of Manyoshu. It is an essential ingredient in Japa...