Is it natural to eat ramen in the morning!? Food culture “Morning la” in Fujieda, Shizuoka

Fujieda Asara Shizuoka

Shizuoka Other recommended dishes

Abekawa mochi Shizuoka
Abekawa mochi

Abekawa-mochi (abekawa-mochi) is freshly made mochi sprinkled with soybean flour mixe...

Grilled rainbow trout Shizuoka
Grilled rainbow trout

Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, but in fact, rainbow trout production is the hi...

Sakura shrimp Shizuoka
Sakura shrimp

Sakura shrimp is a precious seafood caught only in Suruga Bay and Taiwan in the world...

Takaashani Shizuoka

Takashi Crab is the world's largest crab caught in Suruga Bay. The taste is refreshin...

Iwata Omoro Curry Shizuoka
Iwata Omoro Curry

In the Enshu region, “pork foot” has been called “omoro” since ancient times. The ety...

Ohataki meat roll Shizuoka
Ohataki meat roll

“Ohataki no Nikumaki,” a soul food from the Enshu region, is a dish made by wrapping ...


Ramenrelated dishes

Sendai ramen Miyagi
Sendai ramen

Sendai ramen refers to ramen that has been popular mainly in Sendai for a long time. ...

Nagasaki Champon Nagasaki
Nagasaki Champon

Champon, which is said to be the origin of Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, is one...

San mamen Kanagawa
San mamen

San mamen originated in southern Kanagawa Prefecture, and the name is “raw = san mah”...

Hiroshima ramen Hiroshima
Hiroshima ramen

The soup of Hiroshima ramen is cooked in a sauce flavored with soy sauce and pork bon...

Aomori miso curry milk ramen Aomori
Aomori miso curry milk ramen

A B grade gourmet in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture. It is topped with butter, bean s...

Nagahama ramen Fukuoka
Nagahama ramen

Fukuoka is famous for Hakata ramen, but Nagahama ramen is also one of Fukuoka's speci...