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Toyama Other recommended dishes

Fish paste Toyama
Fish paste

Toyama fish paste is represented by “swirling fish paste” such as kelp rolls, etc., a...

Toyama Black Ramen Toyama
Toyama Black Ramen

Toyama Black Ramen is a local ramen that originated in the center of Toyama City, Toy...

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso Toyama
Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso is a typical spring dish in Toyama. Firefl...

Kelp marinating Toyama
Kelp marinating

Kombuzaki is a dish created by combining kombu from Hokkaido brought by Kitamaebune i...

Himi udon Toyama
Himi udon

Himi udon is a local dish around Himi City in Toyama Prefecture, and is “hand-stretch...

Kakinoha sushi Toyama
Kakinoha sushi

Kakinoha Susushi, which is popular as a local dish of Toyama, is a sushi that is care...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Wasanbon Kagawa

The natural sweetness of sugarcane cultivated in a limited area of the Sanuki region ...

Daikon Ishikawa

An essential part of Ishikawa Prefecture's traditional ingredients is buri. The compa...

tacos Okinawa

Taco born in Mexico and taco rice born in Okinawa with tacos hints are both the soul ...

Kabosu Oita

It is said that cultivation began in Usuki City in the Edo period, and Usuki, Takeda,...

Koikoku Nagano

Nagano Prefecture (especially Saku region) is an area where carp farming is thriving....

Gohei Mochi Gifu
Gohei Mochi

Goheimochi is a local dish that has been popular since ancient times in the mountaino...