Curry that carved history along with the construction of Kurobe Dam and sightseeing

Kurobe dam curry Toyama

Toyama Other recommended dishes

White shrimp burger Toyama
White shrimp burger

Toyama's representative seafood, white shrimp, is designated as “Toyama Prefecture's ...

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso Toyama
Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso

Firefly squid mixed with vinegar and miso is a typical spring dish in Toyama. Firefl...

Crab dishes Toyama
Crab dishes

Red snow crabs that live in Toyama Bay can be caught at a depth of around 1,000 meter...

Firefly squid dishes Toyama
Firefly squid dishes

Firefly squid live in deep water, but around March they gather along the Toyama Bay c...

Fish paste Toyama
Fish paste

Toyama fish paste is represented by “swirling fish paste” such as kelp rolls, etc., a...

Tororo kelp onigiri Toyama
Tororo kelp onigiri

Toyama Prefecture is the highest amount of kelp per household in Japan. One of the mo...


Local cuisinerelated dishes

Conger eel bun Hiroshima
Conger eel bun

It is a different kind of steamed manju with conger eel, a specialty of Miyajima. As ...

Karukan Kagoshima

Karukan is known throughout Japan as a famous confectionery of Kagoshima Prefecture, ...

Eel dishes in Narita Chiba
Eel dishes in Narita

The area around Naritasan Omotesando, where Naritasan Shinshoji Temple is located, is...

Natto mochi Kyoto
Natto mochi

There are various theories about the birthplace of natto in various parts of Japan, b...

Stone-grilled dishes Nagasaki
Stone-grilled dishes

It is a local dish where a special rock called quartz porphyry is heated and fresh se...

Hachiko's sweets Akita
Hachiko's sweets

Odate city in Akita prefecture is the hometown of the loyal dog Hachiko, and sells va...