An exquisite dish using white shrimp, known as the “jewel of Toyama Bay”!


Toyama Other recommended dishes

Crab dishes Toyama
Crab dishes

Red snow crabs that live in Toyama Bay can be caught at a depth of around 1,000 meter...

Cod soup Toyama
Cod soup

Asahi is a place rich in nature where the Northern Alps and the jade coast spread out...

Kurehanashi Toyama

Kureha pears are a brand pear representing Toyama prefecture cultivated in the Kureha...

Toyama dried persimmons Toyama
Toyama dried persimmons

“Toyama dried persimmons” are dried persimmons cultivated in the former town of Fukum...

Kurobe dam curry Toyama
Kurobe dam curry

Kurobe dam curry is a curry and rice with the motif of the nationally famous tourist ...

Himi beef Toyama
Himi beef

“Himi beef” is characterized by good “fat congestion” and “fat quality”, which refers...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Buzen crab Fukuoka
Buzen crab

The Buzen Sea, which has large tidal flats with a large difference in tides and tides...

Grilled rainbow trout Shizuoka
Grilled rainbow trout

Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, but in fact, rainbow trout production is the hi...

Toyama Kanburi Toyama
Toyama Kanburi

The yellowtail that can be taken during the cold season is called “Kanburi”, and the ...

Rock brat Akita
Rock brat

Kisakata, Nikaho City, Akita Prefecture is a town facing the Sea of Japan at the sout...

Kado grilled Yamagata
Kado grilled

Kado is a herring that is eaten widely in Yamagata Prefecture. In the Tohoku region,...

Barberry shell Saga
Barberry shell

Barugi shellfish are colorful and colorful, such as “yellow, purple, orange, red”, an...