“Towadako Kogen SPF pork peach pork”

Towadako Kogen Pork “Peach Pork” Akita

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Friend doll melon pan Akita
Friend doll melon pan

Friend Doll's melon pan is a popular product with a history of more than 30 years, an...

Babajera Akita

Babajera is an ice sale on the street where people of Akita do not know. It is a refr...

Damako nabe Akita
Damako nabe

“Dumako” is freshly cooked rice transferred to a mortar, crushed with a saw until a f...

Agar dishes Akita
Agar dishes

Agar culture is rooted in Akita prefecture, and when you visit, you can enjoy agar di...

Pumpkin pie Akita
Pumpkin pie

It is a handmade pie with a modest sweetness that is carefully baked one by one by wr...

Wildflower chiffon Akita
Wildflower chiffon

Wildflower Chiffon Cake is a chiffon cake made from fresh vegetables and fruits grown...


Meat dishrelated dishes

Matsusaka beef sukiyaki Mie
Matsusaka beef sukiyaki

Matsusaka beef, which is proud of the world in Mie Prefecture, is sweet and rich, and...

dried meat Okayama
dried meat

It is a local food that has been handed down since ancient times in Tsuyama, Okayama ...

Kumano beef Wakayama
Kumano beef

Kumano beef is said to be the root of Kumano beef from Kyoto during the Heian period....

Matsusaka beef Mie
Matsusaka beef

Matsusaka beef is a brand that is known as the official name “Matsusakaushi”. Matsusa...

Rafte Okinawa

“Raftee” is a local dish of Okinawa Prefecture. “Raftee” is made by stewed carefully ...

Tono Genghis Khan Iwate
Tono Genghis Khan

I think the most characteristic of Genghis Khan in Tono is eating in the open air usi...


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