A delicacy with plenty of umami and nutrition while looking a little scary!

Spring delicacy · Kamenote Saga

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Kanzaki somen Saga
Kanzaki somen

Kanzaki-cho, where water from the Sefuri Mountains flows, is a place selected as one ...

Takezaki crab Saga
Takezaki crab

Takezaki crab is a specialty representative of Tara Town. The type of crab is known n...

Koi dishes Saga
Koi dishes

Shimizu's koi dishes such as “koi no arai (sashimi)” and “koi koku (miso soup),” whic...

Hemlock crab dishes Saga
Hemlock crab dishes

Hemlock crab is a local dish that is often eaten in the Tamashima River basin and the...

Boiled ara Saga
Boiled ara

Karatsu Kunchi is the annual autumn festival of Karatsu Shrine in Karatsu City, Saga ...

Zaru tofu Saga
Zaru tofu

Natural bittern is put into soy milk, solidified, and then put it in a colander, so w...


Seafoodrelated dishes

Spiny lobster Mie
Spiny lobster

Spiny lobster is mostly distributed along the Pacific coast south of Chiba Prefecture...

Buzen sea one grain oyster Fukuoka
Buzen sea one grain oyster

The “Buzen Sea One Grain Oyster,” which is named because it “takes time and effort to...

Gokase yamame Miyazaki
Gokase yamame

Yamame no Sato Fish Farm in Gokase Town is located at an altitude of 700m, deep in th...

Hanasaki crab Hokkaido
Hanasaki crab

It is a companion of hermit crabs belonging to the king crab species, and the season ...

Shimokita miso shellfish grilled Aomori
Shimokita miso shellfish grilled

It is said that the beginning of miso shellfish grilling in the Shimokita Peninsula w...

Olive Hamachi Kagawa
Olive Hamachi

Olive yellowtail is cultured by feeding mixed with olive leaf powder, which is a pref...