Nabeyaki ramen that has been loved since ancient times in the city of Susaki

Nabeyaki ramen Kochi

Kochi Other recommended dishes

Deep-fried moray eel Kochi
Deep-fried moray eel

Speaking of Kochi, bonito is, but the typical ingredients along with this are moray e...

Tsugani (moke crab) Kochi
Tsugani (moke crab)

Mokuzu crab, which has been inhabiting all over Japan since ancient times, is called ...

Kokerazashi Kochi

Sushi culture is one of the most representative food cultures of Kochi Prefecture. Th...

River shrimp (shrimps) Kochi
River shrimp (shrimps)

River shrimp is the blessing of the river nurtured by the clear stream of Kochi. It i...

kochi eel Kochi
kochi eel

Speaking of Kochi, the image of bonito is strong, but in fact, Kochi eel is also a sp...

Dish bowl Kochi
Dish bowl

A sashimi, bonito tataki, sushi, and so on, is a gorgeous local dish. It is a local d...


Ramenrelated dishes

Fujioka ramen Gunma
Fujioka ramen

The tile industry, which was once the main industry, declined, and the Joshu Fujioka ...

Asahikawa ramen Hokkaido
Asahikawa ramen

Asahikawa Ramen, one of the three major ramen in Hokkaido, is a simple ramen called a...

Tokushima ramen Tokushima
Tokushima ramen

Tokushima ramen is the local ramen of Tokushima Prefecture, which is now famous throu...

Takasaki ramen Gunma
Takasaki ramen

There are quite a few ramen shops in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, and each shop s...

YOKOHAMA IKEI Ramen Kanagawa

Its history dates back to 1974 and begins with the opening of Yoshimuraya in Isogo-ku...

Obama Champon Nagasaki
Obama Champon

Obama champon is characterized by a light yet rich soup with pork bone, chicken gala,...