Great for children's snacks and liquor

Jakoten Ehime

Ehime Other recommended dishes

Imabari Yakitori Ehime
Imabari Yakitori

Originally, yakitori is grilled on skewers and grilled over charcoal, but Imabari yak...

Uwajima Taimeshi Ehime
Uwajima Taimeshi

Uwajima Taimeshi is a specialty dish eaten around Uwajima in Ehime Prefecture. Speak...

Ebiten Ehime

From Niihama to Kawanoe from Hiuchinada, which is rich in seafood, small prawns of 2 ...

Sea bream somen (taisomen) Ehime
Sea bream somen (taisomen)

“Tai somen” is a dish made by simmering a whole tail of Thailand on a platter with bo...

Goshiki somen Ehime
Goshiki somen

Goshiki somen is one of Matsuyama's specialties that have been eaten since the Edo pe...

Fukumen Ehime

Fukumen is said to have been introduced as an event meal of the Uwajima Domain. Konja...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Zangi Hokkaido

Zangi is a chicken dish that is popular in Hokkaido, which is pickled in ginger, soy ...

Tempura in Obi Miyazaki
Tempura in Obi

It is a unique tempura made by combining fresh fish surimi landed on the Nichinan coa...

Fried pork legs Kumamoto
Fried pork legs

Deep-fry the prepared pork legs and drip them with vinegar soy sauce. The outside is ...

Koshiabura Nagano

New shoots with a unique aroma that grow in early spring are edible and treated as wi...

Aburu (Sendai) Miyagi
Aburu (Sendai)

Aburu is fried in oil and is also called Sendai-fu. Gluten, a protein contained in fl...

Chushin region specialty bandit grilled Nagano
Chushin region specialty bandit grilled

“Sanzoku yaki”, which can be said to be the soul food of Shinshu people, is a local d...