Oita Prefecture boasts top chicken consumption in Japan. Local cuisine


Oita Other recommended dishes

Hyugadon Oita

Tsukumi Hyugadon is put red meat of tuna on a special sauce with soy sauce, sugar, sa...

Misaki kakiage bowl Oita
Misaki kakiage bowl

“Misaki Kakiage Don” is a bowl topped with 100% kakiage of fresh small shrimp (jaco s...

Beppu Reimen Oita
Beppu Reimen

The first Reimen shop opened in Beppu around 1955. It is said that the shop was opene...

Dango soup Oita
Dango soup

Dango-jiru is a typical dish of Oita, where dumplings made by kneading flour and spre...

Sorakitamochi Oita

Sorakitamochi is a local confectionery that has been popular since ancient times in H...

Kabosu Oita

It is said that cultivation began in Usuki City in the Edo period, and Usuki, Takeda,...


Tenpurarelated dishes

Cappo Nagasaki

“Kattppo” is a miso-yaki of chick-fugu, a local dish handed down in Kamigoto since an...

Miso potato Saitama
Miso potato

It is the winning menu of the 5th Saitama B grade local gourmet king decision game in...

Kakogawa Katsumeshi Hyogo
Kakogawa Katsumeshi

Katsumeshi, a local dish of Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, is served with beef cutl...

Tempura in Obi Miyazaki
Tempura in Obi

It is a unique tempura made by combining fresh fish surimi landed on the Nichinan coa...

Shak tempura Kumamoto
Shak tempura

The summer taste of Kumamoto, shaku (majaku), is officially called 'anajako,' and liv...

Usa karaage Oita
Usa karaage

Karaage from Oita prefecture, where chicken consumption per person is said to be one ...